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  • What is Srujan?

Srujan Dreams Pvt. Ltd. is an organization co-founded by Mr.Vikram Bhagwat (Involved in creative field since 1979 as a play writer and screen play writer), Mr.Jayant Ponkshe (an IT expert of repute) and Mr.Sunil Govardhan(Chartered Accountant by profession). Srujan was founded in September 2013.

Srujan aims to publish and sale books, comics, audio books in digital form along with music and videos (typically short films, documentaries, stage play, one-act plays etc.) through its website.

Srujan takes sincere efforts to keep the price of products most reasonable and definitely much less than physical form of the products (viz. Books, CDs or DVDs etc). The product downloaded will be encrypted and can not be shared or copied to other device. This is Srujan's sincere efforts to protect an artist’s creation from piracy or free distribution.

  •  How to purchase & use Srujan's products?

You can purchase eBook, eMusic, eVideo, and eAudio-Books from our website

All purchased eBook can be read using our mobile App that is available on Google Play store. You may install our app and log-in to it using your log-in id and password that you have created while registration. On successful log-in, synch your app. Once done, all purchased eBook will be available for download. You need to download the book in your reader App. Now you can read your book anytime. Please note that you will need internet connection to download the books. Necessary data charges may apply as per your service provider's policy. However, you need no internet to read books using our reader app.

Alternately, you can read your books online too. Go to our website and log-in. Go to "My Shelf". You will get all your purchase products. Click on any book and browser based reader will open a book. Please note that you need internet connection to read book online.

To listen Audio-books / Music albums or to play videos you need to log-in to our website. After log-in, go to "My Shelf". You will get all your purchase products (ebooks, Audio-books, music, and videos). Click on any audio-book, or music album, or video browser based A/V player will play a respective audio / video.

  • On which devices Book Hungama's reader App is available?

Currently, Book Hungama eBook reader is available on Android base devices. An App is compatible with Andorid ver. 4.2 and above.

Very soon, we will be releasing our reader app for iOS too.

  • Can I use my Windows base device to install reader?

No. Currently our reader is not available on Windows platform. However, using Windows (on desktop or Laptop) you can log-in to our site and enjoy reading your books online.

  • How it works?

Please note you need to be a registered user to purchase any item.

Log-in to system by using your user-id and password >>>

If you have not yet registered, then register yourself by using “Log-in” link and then click "Create an Account" button. Once you register yourself and log-in to our system, you are all set to GO.

Add product(s) to cart that you want to purchase >>>

Once you are done check out for payment >>>

If you are not sign-in or not registered yet, system will prompt you to do so. Act accordingly >>>>

System will transfer the control to Payment Gateway (Third party service provider(s) >>>>

You may make a payment by your preferable mode of payment (Credit / Debit card, online Banking) >>> 

On successful payment you will receive order confirmation / invoice thru eMail  >>>

All purchased products will be added to your "My Shelf" >>>

Download our reader App from Google Play store on your Android device (If you have not yet done) >>>

Log-in to reader App >>> Synch the application >>> All newly purchased eBooks will be ready for download

>>> Download the book and start reading

If you have purchased videos and / or music >>>

All items will be added to your "My Shelf" >>>

Log-in to our website >>>

Click on "My Shelf" >> All your purchased products (eBooks, Audio-Books, Music, and videos) will be available >>>

Click on any Audio or Video product  >>>

Browser based A/V player will play your Audio / Video

And enjoy your video / music….

  • Can I download my music and videos like book?

No. Currently you can not download your videos and music. You can play it online as described above

  • Can I use the material from the product that I have purchased (Book, Video, Music or comics etc.)?

No. Without consent of Srujan and / or concern copyright holder (author, director, producer, as the case may be) you should not use any material (either in full or partial). It is an unlawful activity. Hence we advise you to refrain from such activities.

  • Will I lose all my products if I change my device?

Before you change your device please de-register your device. Then download our reader app on new device and log-in to app. You purchased books will be available for download which you can download it on new device.

  • If I am an author or music composer or film maker, how will I get published?

You are most welcome in Srujan family. Please go to our site and click on appropriate image in top banner provided for new authors. Fill up the necessary form and submit it online. Our editorial team will get in touch with you.

  • Will Srujan sells other publisher's books?

Yes. We sale other publications too but only in eBook format. So, if you are a publisher, visit our website Click on image "Attention Publishers" (on left side panel).Ffill up the necessary form and submit the same online. We will get in touch with you.

  • Will Srujan share my personal data?

No. Srujan will not share / sale / rent your data to any third party for their commercial or other usage. You may please read our "Privacy Policy".