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Your hand tells it all !

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Your hand tells it all !

Your hand tells it all !


Palmistry is an ancient field of study. Palmistry or hand reading is the art or science of reading a Person ’s nature, fate, character, career and his life from the lines and lineaments on his hands. Mastering this skill needs years of study and experience but by mastering the information given in this book anyone can soon learn to be party palmist. This book helps the good, the bad and shows how to transform, perceived negatives into positives. Palmistry helps people to transform their Lives.

In the earlier years, Palmistry became very famous because of Chiero. Count Louse Hamon 1866-1936, better known to millions as “Cheiro” was considered te greatest and most successful Palmist of modern times. Through his books, he is still regarded as the foremost exponents of the science of Palmistry. He is remembered for his remarkable predictions.

He was commanded to read the hands of many of the well known personalities of Europe. Cheiro predicted the date of Queen Victoria ’s death, the year and month when king Edward VII would pass away. He had given the destiny that awaited the fate of Czar of Russia, the association of King Humbert of Italy, the attempt on the Shah ’s life in Paris and for many others before told with equal accuracy the outstanding events of their careers.

In so way the world of palmistry is amazing and full of surprises, the book written by Shri. D.V. Atre On Palmistry is also very interesting and useful to the readers and people studying palmistry. His predictions are based on his own experience as he is a well studied and extensively travelled all over India in the interest of Palmistry. The intellectual power which is necessary to make such observation speaks for itself, Shri. D.V. Atre deserve his skill of prediction based on observations of many hands. Many classifications of hand lines show his new ideas and his deep study of Palmistry. Several predictions of Shri Atre have come true and in due course he is has befriended many. Shri Atre is guide and philosopher for common people and also for political, social leaders.

In this book he has unfolded language of hand with simple and lucid language the technical terms mount and signs of the hand is precisely defined in the book. He says our hand is nothing but servant of the brain. it executes the orders received from brain. this has been scientifically found correct and proved. For proficiency in hand reading, one should have a lot of patience and perseverance in its study. Continuous research, taking in to consideration of mounts, lines, signs, can assist the researcher in pinpointing various events in a person ’s life with great facility.

The author ’s suggestion about marriage line is very innovative, further his views on how to predict marriage is shown with a figure in the book, the line coming from the mount of mercury between the little finger and the line of heart is called as line of marriage. The line of adjacent to the line of life and going towards the mount of Venus is considered in this regards. His view regarding marriage line is innovative and useful who wish to study Palmistry.

I strongly recommend this book for people in palmistry. Shri. D.V. Atre, book on palmistry which offers excellent information and will act as accurate guide to the readers of the palmistry.

Principal B.S. Kulkarni,

M.A. Bed. Sarang D-14,

Nath Regency rupa Bhavani Road,

Bhavani Peth Solapur 413002

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Product Name In English Your Hand tells it all !
Author Dattatray Atre
प्रकाशक / Publisher सृजन ड्रीम्स प्रा. लि
Book Format Adaptive

Regular Price: Rs58

Special Price: Rs30

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