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'Wonderfully written characterizations, events of science, sports and life. The pace is enormous and situations are dramatic as well as those we experience often.It’s a compelling reading and thought provoking at the same time."


Mukund Bhokarkar is a multifaceted personality.  On one hand he deals with Engineering, Automation, leads a dynamic multinational organization, travels 25 days  of the month, lives out of travel bag and on the other hand writes about complex issues of life, sports, science, human mind…

He begins his book with wonderful characterization of Rajiv Murlidhar Joshi (Raju) and then travels through Airport and A-320  aero-plane and effects of acquiring either window seat or aisle seat(!), writes about Perspective and Knowledge, touches upon Violence which appears to have become fact of life and many more topics which are so divergent from each other. But that is the only way to get complete feel of my friend Mukund Bhokarkar. 

He lucidly dwells upon sports and captures man/woman’s big moment…when lifelong dream is either realized or crashes in million pieces of shattered dream!  When I read his piece about the swimmer who lost Olympic medal in the final round, I was left completely breathless. There was so much force in his writing that the words were hammering me like a sledge hammer.

Mukund Bhokarkar has unique style of capturing drama in a given situation.  He races through the incident but then takes his own time to describe with precision the dramatic moments.  I will site example of lioness of Gir forest. 

Sports is Mukund’s forte. Swimming, Poll Vault, Athletics and last but not least Cricket is a passion for him.  I wonder if he gets any time to indulge in these sports but he studies these sports and collects/ acquires huge background information and anecdotes which provide complete authenticity to his writing.  Mukund Bhokarkar will not write unless he has done complete research of the topic at hand. That is Mukund for you. 

We at Srujan  Dreams Pvt. Ltd. are extremely proud to present one and the only Mukund Bhokarkar through his book “Graffitti”.


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Product Name In English Graffitti
Author Mukund Bhokarkar
प्रकाशक / Publisher सृजन ड्रीम्स प्रा. लि
Book Format ePub

Regular Price: Rs116

Special Price: Rs40

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