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S. K. Desai essays

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S.K.Desai Essays : A novelists response to literature

S.K. Desai Essays: A Novelist's Response of Literature is a collection of some of his critical writings in English reflecting on British fiction, Indian drama and poetry, literary criticism and literary values in Indian Literature.


"The twentieth century has been an age of continual crisis, an age of disintegrating values, and an age of anxiety. The crisis may be said to have started with modern industrialism with its attendant urban civilization, which has meant a gradual breakdown of the old authoritative pattern of private and social life and the rise of a new ethic of money and success, of competition and self interest... We are trapped in tension between two traditions, the alien and the indigenous, rediscovery of myth or creation of new myths occasioned by the urge to shape a national identity and various forms of alienation caused by the force of modernization associated with the impact of the West, in the conflict between individualism and conformity to social norms and needs, the conflict between tradition and modernity, time and causality..." S.K. Desai was a charismatic Kannada writer and a distinguished scholar of Literatures in English.

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Product Name In English S.K.Desai Essays : A novelists response to literature
प्रकाशक / Publisher पद्मगंधा (इ-बुक - सृजन ड्रीम्स प्रा. लि.)
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Regular Price: Rs58

Special Price: Rs30

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